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Upcoming Tournament Schedule! (May 27th-29th)

National Junior Classic:  Schedule
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: 18 Tsunami, 17 Tsunami/Hurricane, 16 Tsunami/Hurricane/Tornado, 15 Tsunami/Hurricane/Tornado/Fire
Location: Great Lakes Center, Rosemont Dome, Schaumburg Convention Center

WELCOME TO NEW WAVE VBC! Home to 27 Girls Volleyball Teams! Where HARD WORK and EXCELLENT TRAINING, meet FUN and FAMILY!

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2016 Tournament Success

Check out what New Wave 15s-18s accomplished in 2016!

MVC Sports Performance

New WAVE has now partnered with MFC Sports Performance!

2016 Tournament Success

Check out what New Wave 10s-14s accomplished in 2016!

Deidre Dunbar

Deidre Dunbar

Program Director

Phone: 630-479-4077

Steve Dowjotas

Steve Dowjotas

Assistant Program Director

Phone: 630-725-8447

Proud member of the Junior Volleyball Association